30 January 2020 / Loop News

For those of you who have been making use of our Loop vehicles based at Innovation Park, we have an important announcement.

There will be some development going on where our Loop vehicles are currently placed, which means that they will be moving to a new location. Until the development is complete you will be able to park the two Innovation Park vehicles anywhere in the parking area just off Ruakura Lane (See image below).

The App will still display the exact location of the cars and provide you directions to them if needed. When returning the vehicle, it will need to go back into the same parking area but not the same individual spot you took it from.

We will let you know once these vehicles are placed back to their original locations. If you have any questions around any of this information, please do not hesitate to ask.

The Loop team.

Loop has joined Mevo!

Loop $5 per hour offer
Loop $5 per hour offer