23 January 2020 / Loop News

Hamilton’s Loop Carshare has been awarded a six figure grant by the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to place up to 20 battery electric vehicles (BEVs) on their fleet.

The fund is one of a range of initiatives in the Government’s Electric Vehicles Programme, which aims to accelerate the uptake of BEVs in New Zealand and Loop is one of only 22 projects to receive funding (from over 70 competitive bids).

The grant will allow Loop to offer businesses, institutions and the public 24/7 access to electric vehicles parked in easily accessible spaces around the city. All the new Loop vehicles can be reserved, accessed, driven and paid for quite simply through the app, as per their current fleet of 18 petrol vehicles.

New Loop parking locations will be equipped with charging stations so that the vehicles will likely to be always fully charged. Charging cables will also be stored in the boot of the vehicle for longer users who want to charge the vehicle at home. Although we haven’t confirmed the vehicle models yet, there are BEVs available on the current NZ market that have a real world range of between 200kms and almost 400kms.

The positioning of each new electric vehicle has still to be confirmed but Loop General Manager, Jamie Russell believes this could be a great opportunity for institutions and the public to jointly benefit from the shared economy.

“Electric vehicles cut carbon footprints and that’s a shared priority for many corporates, institutions and individuals. We have a number of requests already from larger parties interested in placing our new BEVs on their premises and making them available to staff and the general public. The institution gets the benefit of having the vehicles nearby and the public get straightforward access to BEVs at very low cost and on a completely flexible basis.”

He went on to say “We’re absolutely delighted EECA have deemed our proposal worthy of support in the face of such strong competition. It’s really exciting to be bringing electric vehicles to Hamilton for everyone to use and I encourage people to download the app, join Loop and let’s get the future happening as fast as possible.”

It’s likely that Loop will continue to have petrol vehicles on their fleet as well as the new electric vehicles and they expect the total Loop fleet to grow beyond the 18 vehicles they currently operate in the city.

Loop has joined Mevo!

Loop $5 per hour offer
Loop $5 per hour offer