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Loop has joined Mevo!

01/04/2021 Loop News

Mevo extends a warm welcome to new and existing Loop Members! Loop is being operated by Mevo effective today.

You can check out Mevo’s mission here. Operating in Wellington since 2016, the Mevo team have grown New Zealand’s most-loved car share to over 100,000 trips by thousands of customers. With launches in Hamilton and Auckland in 2021, it’s shaping up to be a big year!

Right now, you don’t need to do anything: Loop is operating as before in Hamilton and ready for Members whenever they need it.

Later on this year, the Loop app and cars will change over to use the Mevo brand, and there will be a short membership migration process for Members who don’t already have a Mevo account. Dates to follow once they are confirmed.

Some things to look forward to are:

  • Advance bookings for cars in Hamilton – up to 60 days ahead.
  • Multiple profiles in-app when you travel for work using Mevo for Business.
  • The same app in multiple cities; Mevo will be in Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington, including one-way travel between the city and the airport in Auckland and Wellington.

There are a few changes effective today that Loop Members should be aware of; Loop is now owned and operated by Mevo Limited, and the use of Loop is now governed by Mevo’s Privacy Policy. There have also been some updates to Loop’s Terms and Conditions to align them with Mevo’s. Continued use of Loop constitutes acceptance of these terms. Here are the key changes:

  1. The minimum age for Loop Members is now 21.
  2. The insurance excess for using Loop with an NZ licence is now $1,500.
  3. You can’t take a Loop car on a ferry, and some other new exclusions in the “critical events” section.

In other delightful news, Lydia Smit, Loop’s Business Development Co-ordinator, has joined the Mevo team to continue running Loop in Hamilton. And, Mevo is partnering with the innovative team at Hamilton City Council to keep growing Loop and its positive impact in the region.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and we’re excited to be bringing New Zealand’s most-loved car share to Hamilton!

Loop has joined Mevo!

Loop $5 per hour offer
Loop $5 per hour offer