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24 April 2020 / Loop News

Although some restriction are eased at alert level 3, we are still well aware of our responsibilities around keeping staff and customers safe when they use our vehicles.  With this in mind we can reassure you that each vehicle has been returned to the Loop fleet only after being given a full treatment with a 30-day Microbe shield sanitiser solution that:

  • Tested 99.99% effective against COVID-19 following surrogate virus test standards
  • Is water based, people and pet friendly,
  • Is a ‘physical kill’ antibacterial product that has no poisons, chemicals or alcohol.
  • Remains active for up to 30 days on hard and soft automotive interior surfaces
  • Is effective in preventing cross contamination of bacteria

Each vehicle in our fleet has, as a minimum, this treatment applied to

  • Steering Wheel
  • Dash
  • Centre Console
  • All Door Handles Exterior
  • Door pillars
  • Front Door Cards
  • Rear Door Cards
  • Front Seats
  • Rear Seats & Back of Front Seats
  • Boot lid touch points
  • Keys & key holder
  • In-car instruction sheets

Each vehicle will then have the treatment reapplied within 28 day cycles.

We believe this course of action will make our car share vehicles among the safest of all means of transport.

If you have any questions on our actions or service please email: hello@loopcarshare.com

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Loop $5 per hour offer
Loop $5 per hour offer